You’re ready to list your house, but the last thing you need to tackle is…

The Landscaping!

Curb appeal might seem daunting especially if the landscaping needs a little more of a face-lift than just

a simple mow, prune and color boost. Don’t get me wrong, the frugal, sweat equity way is fantastic and

can help tremendously.

Here are some tips for DIY Landscaping and Curb appeal ideas for Central Oregon:

1. Keep Up On The Grass

Its spring and it is listing season! Listing your home, if you’re a motivated seller is to keep your home

show ready at all times. Keeping up on your grass is just as important as dusting your home before a

showing. The outside of your home is the very first impression that a prospective buyer will look at.

Keep it short. Keep it edged. Keep it looking fabulous—because you never know how many people

are just driving by!

2. Utilize The Rocks + Make That Juniper Shine

Living in Central Oregon we have the benefit of natural-scapes. Our rocks and juniper trees can bring

a beautiful focal point to your home. It adds appeal, as well as offering an identity to your home and

its location. We live in a beautiful place. Maximize it’s stunning features by incorporating what is

already abundant in the ground—Rocks!

3. Get Rid of Those Weeds

Weeds are obnoxious! There is no way around them. Pull and destroy –with integrity. Click here for

8 natural, homemade weed-killers.

4. Less is More

There is no need to go overboard here. If you decide to plant a few trees, bushes, or flowers—make

it colorful and bright, but also consider the upkeep while your home is on the market. Keep it simple

and less can be elegant! Bob Vila has a great article found, here, that includes 10 no-effort plants for

a fool proof landscape design.

5. Have an Outdoor Decoration

Decorations above the garage or on the outside of the home are very appealing and give a home a

bit of curb character. Some examples of these are crosses, nautical stars, flowers, etc. These are

inexpensive and easy to install.

If landscaping is not your thing at all, call any of these guys in our area:

Redmond: Vern Samples Landscaping

Bend: Newport Ave Landscaping

Prineville: Snider Landscaping LLC

Sisters: Twisted Willow Landscapes

Madras: Green Thumb Landscaping

*I am not affiliated with any of these Landscapers. I just wanted to give you options. Most are willing to

serve other areas and are not limited to the ones that they are listed under.

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